Bio – Thomas Easterwood

Thomas Easterwood

B.S. Auburn University 1986

Southeastern Bible College 1990-1991 (No degree: Courses only)

Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham 1996

Thomas began teaching at Southeastern in 1994 as an adjunct professor.  Two years later, in 1996, he was hired full time after completing his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He currently teaches Biology, Physical Science, Introduction to Computers, and Geometry.  His academic interests include all sciences, with a focus on chemistry, biochemistry and structural biochemistry, computer technology associated with scientific research and education, and issues relating to Christian faith and science. 

Thomas is a life-long resident of Alabama.  He is married to a Southeastern alumnus, Deanne, and has three children, Ben, Rebecca, and James.  He is an active member of the First Baptist Church Irondale.  Although most of his reading is in the realm of science, he does occasionally enjoy a fiction novel.  Thomas also enjoys gardening, traveling with the family, occasional camping and fishing trips, playing the tuba (the original heavy metal,) and looking at the stars and planets through his telescope.